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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Ajishima in Pictures

So, here we have a few pictures from Ajishima, our possibly-soon-to-be-home-again. Our friends on the island took these over the past couple weeks and posted them to their blog. The first five are from the Ajihama (Aji Beach) side of the island. We have not seen any images yet from the Futawatashihama side where our place is (although we learned it survived unscathed).

        Debris on Ajihama Beach near our friends' pension.

Concrete wall in background is wharf covered in water.

Our friends' boat torn from its moorings and washed ashore.
The wharf from above, once the water receded.
Several houses destroyed by the earthquake and tsunami.

Japanese Self-Defense Force and utilities workers arriving.

Supplies loaded on an island-bound ferry in Ishinomaki City.
Elementary school kids donated these relief supplies.
A group of Canadians delivers a water filter for the well.

The filter will have to last 6 months until new water lines are laid.
A photo from years ago: a reminder of more peaceful times, but also a glimpse of what is yet to come.

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