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Sunday, May 15, 2011

11 Days in 11 Pictures

We have been on the island for about a week and a half now. So much has happened but today was the first real chance for us to take stock of it all.

The island still has no running water. We have received relief supplies of 10 liters washing water and 5 liters drinking water twice. We scavenged buckets and pails from the beach to catch rain water and have been using that for washing and gardening. There is a well behind our house with fairly murky water that we haul up daily to flush the toilet (I see the benefits more and more of using a composting toilet instead!), and there is a much cleaner well near one of the ports that our neighbor draws water from with an electric pump. He delivers that water around the neighborhood and even to the hospital for bathing. We have received two bath-fulls which ended up as laundry water and finally going down the toilet.

We have electricity from a generator truck a few hours in the morning and then again at night. It just went black here a few minutes ago. Thankfully, there is a cellphone signal roughly a half hour after the power goes out, so hopefully this gets posted!

We heard the news this weekend that the water line from the mainland should be fixed in a couple days. Plus, they will increase the hours we get power so it lasts all day from 6 am to 9 pm. We do not have a fridge, and we basically turn in when the lights turn off, so the lack of electricity is not so hard to deal with. I will be much happier and much less stinky, though, once the water starts flowing. We have only had to get by this way for a few days, but the islanders have been in survival mode for two whole months, so we are so happy to see them getting the tools they need to get their lives back in order.

Anyway...on to the pictures...

Moving Day 2.0: The Last Load for a While
Meet the Neighbors and Get a Pile of Veggies!
Shopping at the Lumber Yard
The Pathway to Our First Ever Garden
We Were All Ready to Start Farming, but then...
...Our Friends Took Us Wild Veggie Picking!
Wild Orchids + Bamboo Shoots + Fiddlehead Ferns = Dinner!
Finally, the Next Day We Got Down to Farming...
...and I Met My Arch Nemesis: SUKANPO ROOT!!!
My Motto: Work Smarter NOT Harder!
Relaxing on a Bench I made from Drift Wood

There will most certainly be more coming from Ajishima, time, electricity and sukanpo roots permitting!

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